Producing large-scale and often multiple-framed print works came about as a direct result of the work with the artist’s archive and the collage works. While the correlation appears obvious at first, it is the aspect of social critique that becomes increasingly pronounced in them again. Using archive vintage imagery from the last century, these works touch on universal themes transgressing past, present, and future.

To be able to look back in history to understand the present – a common piece of advice – has become increasingly difficult in our digital age where physical libraries have virtually become obsolete. But even though we are becoming ever more highly attuned to the consumption of current momentous imagery from posted social media content, it can be of relevance to consider bygone images and knowledge as a guide and mirror for current ills of collective and individual nature, if not simply for their beauty and composition.

Print work 'Rationalisierung' from 2014, by German artist Marcus Kleinfeld.
Marcus Kleinfeld, MYTH, 2013 Inkjet print on 16 panels 85 x 380 cm
CONDITION REPORT Installation view Schmidt&Handrup, Cologne
Marcus Kleinfeld, FORMUNG, 2014 3 inkjet prints 42 x 90 cm
Marcus Kleinfeld, UTOPIA I+II, 2015 6 inkjet prints each 121,5 x 171 cm
Marcus Kleinfeld, SEILSCHAFTEN, 2014 6 inkjet prints 86 x 152 cm
Marcus Kleinfeld, ANALYSE / VIRTUALITÄT, 2014 4 inkjet prints 43 x 123 cm
Marcus Kleinfeld, PATTERN REPEAT, 2007 Inkjet prints on board 100 x 140 cm
CONDITION REPORT Installation view Schmidt&Handrup, Cologne
Marcus Kleinfeld, SYNDROME, 2013 Steel grating, 4 mannequin dolls, drainage pipes, water collectors Dimensions variable